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Wedding: 06/2015

Dear Lisa & Wendy & Lorenzo, Thank you so much in helping us with our wedding reception back in June! It would not have been as perfect as it was if it wasn’t for all your help, patience, and loving concern. We cannot express enough how grateful we are for everything you did. We will be sure to continue to rave and refer our friends to use the house as the bet choice of venue!  click to view thank you note

Wedding: 10/2011

Lorenzo, Thank you so much for all your help & kindness on the day of our wedding (10-8-2011)! You made our lives so much easier that day and thank you for letting us stay a bit later! I’m sorry this is so late and that I didn’t have a big enough tip for what you deserve on the day of. – Erin & John Sugihara  click to view thank you note

Wedding: 08/2011

Lisa, We are home from our fantabulous week-end. Need to tell you that working with you was a dream and Lorenzo was amazing. The garden, the hall, and everything was perfectly wonderful. We will definitely share pics with the Community House. Thank you for making sure our needs were all met so wonderfully. I would recommend the hall and staff to anyone. If anyone ever wants to talk to someone that has already had a wedding there, we would be happy to do that. Thank you, Jakus Family plus the new Maggie Beadle  click to view thank you note

Wedding: 07/2011

Dear Wendy, Thank you so much for working with us to have our wedding at the Highland Park Community House. Everything was great! We were told numerous times [by our guests] that the building was beautiful and a great location for a wedding. Thanks again for everything! From, Anthony & Elizabeth Jacks  click to view thank you note


Wendy, Lisa & Lorenzo, Thanks so much for a wonderful and unforgettable evening! Everything was beautiful!!! We really appreciate it & will send some pictures once we have them. Happily Ever After, Jamie & Michelle Wild  click to view thank you note

Wedding Photographer: 03/14/2015

Seth & I had never been to Highland Park Community House in Highland Park, IL, but when I looked at it online, I was so excited. It’s such a neat venue and has so much natural light, our favorite. I love the tall ceiling and the windows lining two walls. It is seriously beautiful….So after some awesome speeches and some pie, we were onto the dancing and using those lovely windows as background.

Wedding: 05/17/2014

I fell in love with the Highland Park Community House the first time I walked in the door. So classic and beautiful, I could not have asked for a more perfect place for our wedding! Wendy was great to work with as was Lisa. Beautiful!

Wedding: Recently Married

Highland Park Community house was a wonderful space to have our wedding and reception in. We had initially planned on having our wedding ceremony outside on the lawn, but the rains forced us in. Lorenzo, the delightful and efficient custodian of the house, arranged to have it indoors and made it look like it was supposed to be indoors the whole time. A lot of the guests commented upon the elegance of the House and everybody had a great time.

Wedding: 05/10/2014

"What a wonderful venue for a wedding!" That’s what we felt planning this event and what we heard from quite a few of our guests. From the first contact we had with Highland Park Community House until the last, we experienced wonderful customer service, great responsiveness and a sincere desire to make this event as perfect for us as they could. We couldn’t have imagined a better place or working with better people. We highly recommend the Highland Park Community House!

Wedding: 01/19/2014

Working with Wendy was wonderful, she allowed our dj/event services company (Boom Entertainment) to set up the day before our event. Wendy was incredibly flexible, professional and accommodating to our every request. I would highly recommend holding any event here at the HP Community House!

Wedding: 09/21/2013

The Highland Park Community House was an amazing place to have our wedding reception. My fiance and I knew that it was going to be the perfect place for our reception as soon as we walked into the ballroom. With its arched windows and arched ceiling, the clean, simple space was the perfect combination for the vintage romantic feel we wanted. Wendy and Lisa, the coordinators for the venue, were great at scheduling a tour for us, being there so we could make our payment, and being very responsive via email and phone with any of our questions. Lorenzo, the site manager was extremely flexible with the setup configuration that we wanted and worked with our caterer so that everyone was on the same page after the venue walk-through.

We were a little nervous since there was a wedding earlier that day ending at 4pm and our cocktail hour started at 6pm, but Wendy and Lisa assured us that they were familiar with this scenario and that both weddings would not be affected by each other. They were completely right! Lorenzo made sure that the venue was immaculate and in perfect order by the time we arrived. It didn’t even look like another event had taken place earlier in the day.

The value for the price was unbelievable. The entire facility belongs to you during the time you are renting it. The ballroom was perfect for dinner and dancing, while the living room and outdoor garden was ideal for our cocktail hour.

We would recommend the Highland Park Community House to anyone looking to get married in the Chicagoland/North Shore area. They made the planning process stress free and enjoyable and made sure everything ran smoothly. We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect setting for one of the most important days of our lives.

Wedding: 09/22/2012

My sister’s wedding reception was held here in 2000 and I thought it was the most elegant location, so in 2012, I decided to hold my wedding reception here, too, even though it was a bit further north from our ceremony which was in Evanston. The first two things that drew me to the hall are the hardwood floors & natural light. Huge, open windows made this feel like a palace, rather than a banquet hall. And since my husband & I met dancing, we needed hard wood floors. But it gets better! The entire house is rented out, so we had outside grounds for the kids to play on, and for lovely photos. The ballroom has a full stage which was great for our band. There’s a living room area off the main ballroom, which is carpeted & has a home-parlor sort of feel, which is very warm & inviting. We put our bar there with some bar tables for people to get away from the band, if they wanted to talk. For all this, the price is more than reasonable. It was really easy to work with Wendy. I had so many questions & panic attacks & she was always kind & professional throughout. The day before the wedding I discovered a small difference from what had been true 12 years earlier at my sister’s wedding & panicked. Wendy called me and helped me find a solution. The guests all commented about how wonderful the location was and I have already recommended it to several friends looking for sites.

Wedding: 2+ years ago

The Highland Park Community House was an excellent venue for our reception. The staff were attentive and willing to accommodate our special requests, and the facility, a large, beautiful, and elegant space, offered flexibility for our party.

Wedding: 01/26/2008

I had a great experience with the Highland Park Community House. It is a truly lovely venue. The fact that I was able to bring in any caterer, rental agency and have a local chain provide all alcoholic beverages allowed me to really strech my dollars and have a much more enhanced reception experience than I could have at a venue with “preferred” vendors. It was a wonderful event and I enjoyed the service that the team provided.

Wedding: 2+ years ago

Well, my husband and I were married on August 25, 1979!!! I couldn’t pull that date or enter that date above as requested because it doesn’t go back 34 years!! So I fibbed.

But, just so you all know we had a fabulous reception at the Community House formerly known as The Highland Park Women’s Club. The service was outstanding and the venue speaks for itself! Our band was on the Stage, we were filled to capacity and people are still talking about it. The best part was it felt like we were gathered at a home not a hall. Comfortable, Classy and the children present had a ball outside in the yard (supervised of course :0) ). How wonderful to have such an establishment in our wonderful City!

Wedding: Recently Married

Lorenzo and Wendy were absolutely wonderful.

Wedding: 01/10/2015

This was the first venue my fiancé and I toured, we fell in love with the elegant huge ballroom and began planning immediately. The value for renting the community house out for the day was fantastic! The ladies over at the community house were so accommodating and helpful with everything, they responded quickly to any questions we had. We loved the fact that we could choose whatever vendors we wanted to come in and assist on our big day, this made us happy. I am a pastry chef and being able to have my good friend do the cake was amazing for us. All the guests seemed to love the venue it was big enough to fit 200 guests but it was a very welcoming atmosphere. My now husband and I got married on stage in the ballroom which was great so that all the guests could hear and see what was happening during the entire ceremony. Lorenzo, helped transform the ballroom from the ceremony space to the reception where we would then move into after cocktail hour. He also stuck around all night to make sure that he could assist in anything else. We had a great time and would recommend this venue if you are on a budget or even want to be able to bring in your own vendors!

Wedding: 02/01/2014

I was the party planner for a Bar Mitzvah on February 1st. Lisa and Lorenzo, the contacts at the HPCH, were extremely accommodating and let us bring in many supplies, drinks and other misc. items prior to the event so my client did not have to bring anything right before the party. Wendy Horwitch also is also very responsive with regard to pre-party questions and is very resourceful.

The space is wonderful. It provided a nice setting for an FUN evening kids party, and the lighting we set up really popped in their large space. They have a great portable bar which we used for the adult bar. It is nice and the perfect size!

All in all, this is a great venue to host a party.

Wedding: 07/23/2011

We enjoyed having our wedding at the Highland Park Community House. The house is very beautiful and provides plenty of space for an event of about 150 people or so. For the night of our wedding we were able to have the whole house to ourselves which was nice. The staff at the Highland Park Community House was very easy to work with.

Wedding: 2+ years ago

We had an absolutely lovely wedding and reception at the Highland Park Community House and had many guests ask where we found such a beautiful venue. Our guests loved the house and the grounds and we were lucky enough that it turned into a beautiful day as we were able to take pictures outside. All in all, we were very pleased and would definitely recommend the HP Community House to anyone looking for a venue for an event. The staff are very easy to work with and allowed us to come in and look at other weddings to see the setup possibilities. They even had a list of recommended caterers which was VERY helpful! The location is downtown Highland Park is also perfect!